Traditional Cowboy Felt

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Hats that are up for any adventure—whether on the ranch or in the city. Durable and iconic, our Western hats are crafted from the finest materials available anywhere. The first cowboy hats didn’t look like you think. In fact, John B. Stetson’s first mass-produced hat looked closer to a Spanish-style Bolero hat than the traditional ”cowboy style” we know today. Stetson’s original “Boss of the Plains” hat sported a wide brim and a tall crown to protect from the sun and insulate the head. Cowboys took quickly to this durable hat and soon began to make their own modifications to the hats, turning up the sides so it wouldn’t be knocked off by a lasso or pinching the crown to make the hat removable with just one hand. Have one of your very own timeless traditional cowboy felt hat from great selection. Thank you for shopping with Blue Castle Gifts.